batak horse


conformation fine head with straight or slightly
concave profile, medium length of rein, high ‘goose’
rump, slender legs
colour all solid colours
height up to 13 hands
uses riding, harness

With his small, elegant head, large, expressive eyes and spirited temperament, the Batak Pony of central Sumatra, Indonesia, clearly displays his Arabian influences. Sometimes referred to as the Deli Pony – after the port from which he was exported to Singapore – he is thought to have descended from horses brought to Indonesia centuries ago by Chinese Mongolian and Arabian horse dealers. superb riding pony.

batak horse

batak horse

The Batak tribes on the island were reliant on these equines, which were prized as much for their meat as for their working abilities. They were considered ’unviolable and non-alienable’. Each clan would keep three Batak Ponies, which were allowed to roam freely until they grew old, when they were sacrificed to the ’trinity of gods’ that the tribes worshipped, and replaced with younger animals. They were also sometimes used to pay a bad debt – a creditor could as repayment.

Today the Indonesian government strives to improve existing stock by selective breeding, as well as using the Batak to upgrade other breeds. He is very much a working  animal and his kind nature, docility and agility make him a superb riding pony.

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