Buckskin horse


conformation attractive head, medium-len th neck, strong
back, good legs, hard feet
colour buckskin, dun, red dun, brindle dun, grulla/grullo,
white markings permitted
height 15- 6.3 hands
uses aII – rounder

Famed for being ’as tough as wet leather’, never let it be said that the Buckskin is merely a colour. These horses have long been noted for their superior qualities – they are widely deemed to have more stamina, harder feet and better bone and to be generally hardier than all other horses.
A Buckskin that has either weak or faulty legs is indeed a rarity

Buckskin horse

Buckskin horse

The breed is thou ht to have inherited its distinctive to colour from the little Sorraia – like all the horses of the Americas, the Buckskin is Spanish in origin – and the           International Buckskin Horse Association reco nizes five different colourways.

The true buckskin colourin is the shade of tanned deerhide, varying from yellow to dark gold, with black or dark brown points. The dun is duller than the true buckskin and may include dorsal, shoulder and leg stripes. Grulla/ rullo is an intense colour ran in throu h mouse, blue, dove and slate, with dark brown or black points and the primitive’ striping. Red dun ranges from peach through copper to rich red and must have a dominant dorsal stripe to be eligible. Brindle dun is found in the horses of the Netherlands as well as the Buckskin, and is thought to be an  ancient colour.

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